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Hands-on Course

Stipend ₹ 9,000

Assured 3 months Internship


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Assured Internship

Why learn Android App Development?


With 26 lacs apps on Play Store and 7500 crore  downloads a year, Android App Development is one of the most popular skills today.

Build your own app

Imagine an app on Play Store under your name. There is nothing more exciting than that!

Lucrative salary

The Android Developers earn very high salary in this high ever-growing  fields.


Training Highlights


Learn from home

Stay safe indoors


Beginner friendly

No prior knowledge required


Doubt clearing

Through Q&A forum


Assured Internship

To build your career

What will be the training syllabus?

Introduction to Development with Flutter
Learn to set up a new Flutter project using Android Studio.
Understand the Widget tree and learn to use pre-made Flutter Widgets for user interface design.
Learn to incorporate Image and Text Widgets to create simpleuser interfaces.
Learn to incorporate App Icons for iOS and Android.
Learn how to add and load image assets to Flutter projects.
Run Flutter apps on iOS Simulator, Android Emulator andphysical devices.
Creating Beautiful with Flutter For Beginners
Use Hot Reload and Hot Restart to quickly refresh the app UI and understand when to use each.
Learning to use the Pubspec.yaml file to incorporate dependencies, custom assets and fonts.
An introduction to the Widget build() method.
Learning to use layout widgets such as Columns, Rows,Containers and Cards.
Incorporating Material icons using the Icons class.


Building Apps with State
Understand the difference between Stateful and Stateless Widgets and when they should each be used.
Understand how callbacks can be used detect user interaction in button widgets.
Understand the declarative style of UI programming and how Flutter widgets react to state changes.
Learn to import dart libraries to incorporate additional functionality.
Learn about how variables, data types and functions work in Dart 2.
Build flexible layouts using the Flutter Expanded widget.
Understand the relationship between setState(), Stateobjects and Stateful Widgets.


Leaveraging Flutter Packages to Speed Up Development
Learn to use the Dart package manager to incorporate Flutter compatible packages into your projects.
Understanding the structure of the pubspec.yaml file.
Incorporate the audio players package to play sound.
Learn more about functions in Dart and the arrow syntax.
Learn to refactor widgets and understand Flutter’s philosophy of UI as code


Structuring Flutter Apps
Learn about how lists and conditionals work in Dart.
Learn about classes and objects in Dart and how it apply toFlutter widgets.
Understand Object Oriented Dart and how to apply thefundamentals of OOP to restructuring a Flutter app.
Learn to use Dart Constructors to create customisable Flutterwidgets.
Apply common mobile design patterns to structure Flutterapps.
Learn about structuring and organising Flutter apps.
Creating Beautiful with Flutter For Intermediates
Customise apps with Theme widgets.
Refactoring widgets by extracting them as separate Widgetclasses.
Learn about Dart annotations and modifiers.
Understand the immutability of Stateless and Stateful Widgetsand how the screen is updated with the build() method.
Create custom Flutter Widgets by combining smaller widgets.
Learn about the difference between final and const in Dart.
Learn about maps, enums and the ternary operator in Dart.
Understand that functions are first class objects in Dart andhow functions can be passed around as arguments.
Learn to build multi-screen Flutter apps by learning aboutroutes and the Navigator widget.
Understand why flutter favours composition vs. inheritancewhen customising widgets.


Powering Flutter Apps with Backend Data
Learn about asynchronous programming in Dart and understand how to use async/await and the Futures API.
Understand Stateful Widget lifecycle methods.
Handling exceptions in dart with try/catch and throw.
Use Dart null aware operators to prevent app crashes.
Getting location data from both iOS and Android.
Using the http package to perform networking and get live data from open APIs.
Understanding how to parse JSON data using the dart:convert library.
Understand how to pass data to State objects via the Stateful Widget.
Use the Text Field Widget to take user input.
Understand how to pass data backwards using the Navigator widget.


Cupertino Widgets And Plafform - Based UI
Learn to use the Cupertino package and build Flutter apps foriOS with UIKit styled Cupertino widgets.
Use the dart:io library to detect runtime platform and createseparate UIs for iOS and Android in the same Flutter app.
Learn to use Dart loops to create recurring widgets


Integrating Flutter Apps With Firebase
Learn to use hero animations in Flutter apps.
Understand how the animation controller works and createcustom animations.
Learn to use Dart mixins to extend class functionality.
Incorporate Firebase Cloud Firestore into your Flutter apps.
Implement authentication in your Flutter apps with theFirebase Auth package.
Build a scrolling ListView widget to learn how Flutter createsand destroys reusable elements.
Understand Dart Streams to listen to data changes.
Learn to use the Flutter StreamBuild to turn streams of datainto widgets that can be rendered.


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