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Career Track Courses – Yasham Academy offers 4 career track courses leading to a career in specific field. See the video below to learn about each of the field. You can make career in Full Stack Web Development, Android App Development, Professional accountant or Digital Marketing. 

Modular Programming Courses – Yasham Academy is Akola’s leading coding school. We offer a wide range of programming courses in C, C++, Core and Advance Java, Python, PHP, Android App Development and Flutter. 

Modular Other Courses – We also offer modular courses in the creative domain related to multimedia, graphics, basic and advance computers. 

Yasham Academy – To know about all our offerings, pls see the video “All courses” and check other videos for facilities and other details. 

Courses Offered : Yasham Academy offers following courses leading to an exciting career. Click on the desired course below to know more about the same.