Adobe Photoshop CS 6


Module 1 : Configuring Basic Settings

  • Selecting a Workspace,
  • Managing Palettes
  • Changing the Position of a Palette Group
  • Working with Keyboard Shortcuts and Menu Settings

Module 2 : Working With Images

  • Types of Image Formats
  • Bitmap and Vector Images
  • Understanding the Image Resolution
  • About the Pixel Logic Understanding the Image Size, Editing Images, Rotating an Image
  • Cropping an Image, Hiding Instead of Cropping
  • Working with Canvas Size, Duplicating an Image
  • Color Mode, RGB Mode, CMYK, Gray scale Mode, HSB Mode, Lab Mode
  • Changing Modes, Making Color Adjustments Levels, Curves, Brightness/Contrast, Hue/Saturation, Variations, and File Formats

Module 3 : Creating, Transforming the Selections

  • Using Selections Tools, The Marquee Tools, Lasso Tools, Magic Wand Tool
  • Making Color Range Selections, Modifying a Selection, Adding and Subtracting Selection
  • Expand and Contract Commands, Grow and Similar Commands
  • Refine Edges, Inverse, Transforming a Selection
  • Scale, Rotate, Distort, Skew, Perspective, and Warp, Saving and Loading Selection

Module 4 : Drawing, Painting and Retouching Tools

  • Setting the Current Foreground and
  • Background Colors, The Color Picker Dialog Box
  • The Eyedropper Tool, The Color Palette
  • The Swatches Palette, The Drawing Tools
  • Using the Rectangle Tool, Using the Custom Shape Tool, The Pen Tool
  • The Painting Tools The Gradient Tool
  • The Paint Bucket Tool, The Brush Tool
  • The Pencil Tool, The Color Replacement Tool
  • The Retouching Tools, The Spot Healing Brush Tool, The Healing Brush Tool, Patch Tool
  • Clone Stamp Tool, The Pattern Stamp Tool
  • The Eraser Tool, The Background Eraser Tool The Magic Eraser Tool, The Blur Tool
  • The Sharpen Tool, The Smudge Tool
  • The Dodge Tool, The Bum Tool, Sponge Tool

Module 5 : Layers

  • About the Layers Palette, Working with Layers
  • Creating a New Layer Using the Layer via Cut Command
  • Creating a New Layer Using the Layer via Copy Command, Changing Stack Order of Layer
  • Merging Layers, Flattening Images
  • Moving Layers between Images, Linking and Unlinking Layers
  • Working with Adjustment Layers
  • Applying Blend Modes, Masking Layers, Layer Masking, Vector Masking
  • Type Masking, Shape Masking

Module 6 : Layer Style And Filters

  • Using the Layer Style Dialog Box, About Filters, About Smart Objects and Filters
  • Creating a Smart Object, Editing Smart Object, The Filter Gallery
  • Applying the Extract Filter, Applying the Liquefy Filter, Applying the Vanishing Point Filter
  • Applying the Artistic Filters, Applying the Blur Filters, Applying the Brush Stroke Filters
  • Applying the Distort Filters
  • Applying the Noise Filters
  • Applying the Pixilated Filters, Applying the Render, Filters

Module 7 : Automation and Printing in Photoshop

  • The Paths to Illustrator Command, Printing in Photoshop, Page Setup, Various Print Commands in Photoshop

Module 8 : Project

  • Implementation of all the above functionality

Adobe photoshop cs6

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