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Advance Excel


Module 1 : Perform Calculations With Functions

  • Understand Functions, Understand the Components of a Function
  • Enter Functions in Worksheets, Type a Function Directly into a Cell
  • Use the AutoSum Drop-Down Menu Use the Insert Function Dialog Box
  • Nest One Function Inside Another Function, Date and Time Functions
  • Financial Functions
  • Logical Functions
  • Lookup and Reference Functions (V-Lookup and H-Lookup)
  • Mathematical Functions
  • Statistical Functions
  • Text Functions
  • Refer to Cells and Ranges in Formulas
  • Refer to Other Worksheets and Other Workbooks in Formulas
  • Use Range Names and Labels in Formulas
  • Troubleshoot Formulas
  • Understand and Fix Basic Errors in Formulas

Module 2 : Sort And Filter Data With Excel

  • Sort, Perform a Quick Sort by a Single Field
  • Perform a Multi field Sort for Finer Sorting
  • Sort by a Custom Sort Order
  • Filter a to Find Records That Match Criteria
  • Perform Quick Filtering with AutoFilter
  • Create Custom Filters
  • Using Advanced filter

Module 3 : Create Effective Charts To Present Data Visually

  • Understand the Basics of Excel Charts
  • Create a Chart with the Chart Wizard
  • Choose the Right Type of Chart for Your Data
  • Use the Chart Toolbar, Select Objects in a Chart
  • Configure Chart Options,
  • Change the Chart Type
  • Change a Chart’s Source Data
  • Change the Format ,the Chart Area, Plot area
  • Configure and Change the Scale of an Axis
  • Liven Up Charts with Patterns, Fills, and Pictures
  • Format Individual Chart Elements, Print Charts
  • Editing Chart data series

Module 4 :Working with Range Names

  • Using Range Names
  • Creating Range Names
  • Using Range Names in Formulas
  • Creating Range Names from Headings
  • Deleting Range Names
  • Creating 3-D Range Names

Module 5 : Analyze Data Using Pivot Tables And Pivot Charts

  • Understand PivotTables
  • Create a PivotTable Framework Using the PivotTable and PivotChart Wizard
  • Create the PivotTable on the Framework
  • Choose PivotTable Options to Configure a PivotTable
  • Create Pivot Charts from PivotTables
  • Create a Conventional Chart from PivotTable Data
  • Creating Calculated fields
  • Inserting Slicer

Module 6 : Working with Multiple Workbooks

  • Linking Workbooks
  • Editing the Link
  • Consolidating Workbook & worksheets

Module 7: Protecting And Sharing The Work Book

  • Restrict Data and Protect Workbooks
  • Check Data Entry for Invalid Entries
  • Protect Cells, a Worksheet, or a Workbook
  • Protect a Workbook with Passwords
  • Work with Comments and Add a Comment to Cell
  • Display and Hide the Comments in a Worksheet
  • Edit and Format Comments, Delete a Comment
  • Insert Excel Objects in Word Documents
  • Insert a Chart in a Word Document
  • Insert Excel Objects in PowerPoint Presentations
  • Insert Word Objects in Worksheets
  • Insert PowerPoint Objects in Worksheets

Module 8 : Use Macros To Automate Tasks

  • Display the Developers Tab
  • Changing Macro Security Setting
  • Running a MacroRecording a Macro
  • Deleting a Macro
  • Assigning a Macro to an Object

Module 9 : Proofing and Printing

  • Page setup, Setting print area, Print titles
  • Inserting custom Header and Footer
  • Inserting objects in the header and footer
  • Page Setup, Setting margins, Print Preview, Print
  • Enable back ground error checking
  • Setting AutoCorrect Options
  • Remove the appropriate check marks to disable any unwanted features

Advance excel

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