Our Facilities

State of the art facilities for conducive learning environment 

Yasham Academy Facilities

Yasham Development Centre at Akola is located in the heart of the city (CBD); people from all over the Akola district frequent the place for shopping, government offices, medical facilities and other activities.

Yasham Academy is located on the 2nd Floor and has following facilities. 

40+ seater training center located in the central business area

Fully equipped computer lab with large monitors and latest software specifications

Training room equipped with high quality LCD projector and air condition

Fully equipped library with latest books and notes on technical topics

Dedicated High Speed Internet connection

Commissioned the latest fire safety equipment

CCTV Surveillance and Physical Security

About Akola

Akola is a district in the state of Maharashtra located around 600 km east of Mumbai. Akola district has an area of about 5431 square kilometres and a population of 1,630,239. Akola is an upcoming district with the following facilities.


  • ✓ Akola is the largest cotton-producing district in India and is also called as Cotton City.
  • ✓ Akola also has decent urban facilities like shopping market, Multiplexes and Restaurants. Reasonable accommodation options, recreational facilities are available.

Industrial Hub

Industrial hub was established in 1972 and has 110 Pulse Mills and diversified industries.

Ozone hospital, Akola

Health Hub

Most advanced medical facilities are available at Akola. It is served by 600+ doctors and 150+ hospitals with diverse specialities.

National Highway No. 6 passes through Akola.


Akola is well connected to major cities as Nagpur and Mumbai through NH6.  It also has excellent train connectivity to Mumbai, Kolkata and Raipur.

College of Engineering and Technology (COETA), Akola

Education Hub

It has become the education hub owing to premier coaching institutes for engineering, medical and competitive exams. There is 15+ colleges at Akola serving to approximately 20,000 students. Around 1500+ students belong to engineering & IT related streams.