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Full Stack Web Developer

Web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites. website design means planning, creation and updating of websites.

Organisations require skilled full stack web developer for the design, development and maintenance of the web applications. Exciting career choice for the students with the programming and analytical mindset.


Level 1

Module 2 : Getting Started with HTML

  • Basic Introduction- Editors, Elements, Attributes, Headings, Paragraphs, Styles, Formatting, Color, Links, Tables, Layout, Responsive html
  • HTML Forms –Form Elements, Input Types, Attributes
  • HTML5- introduction, Support, Semantics, Migration, New Elements
  • HTML Graphics- Canvas, SVG, Google Maps
  • HTML Media- Video, Audio, Plug-ins, Media

Module 3 : Styling with CSS

  • Basic CSS- Colors, Padding, margins, Fonts, Icons, Links, Borders, Backgrounds, Outline, Align, Position, Overflow
  • Advance CSS- gradients, Shadows, Transitions, Animations, Text Effects, Web Fonts
  • Responsive CSS- Viewport, Gridview, Frameworks
  • CSS Grid- Container, Item

Module 4 : Javascript Concepts

  • Introduction to Javascript- Where to place, Statements, Syntaxs, Comments, Variables, operators, Functions, Data types etc.
  • Javascript Forms- Forms API
  • Javascripts Objects- Properties, Methods, Accessors,Constructors, Prototypes
  • Javascripts Functions- Parameters, Invocations, Call, Apply, Closures
  • Javascript Ajax
  • Javascript JSON

Module 5 : JQuery Programming

  • Introduction to JQuery- Syntax, Selectors, Events
  • jQuery Effects- Hide/Show, Fade, Slide,Animate
  • jQuery HTML- Get, Set, Add, Remove, Css Classes

Module 6 : Angular JS Concepts

  • Introduction to Angular JS
  • Introduction to Angular Directives, Functions, Expressions, Applications, Modules, Controllers

Module 7 : Bootstrap

  • Introduction to Bootstrap
  • Bootstrap grid
  • Bootstrap components
  • Bootstrap plugins

Module 8 : Level 1 project

  • Implement static and responsive websites

Level 2

Module 1: Programming With PHP

    • Introduction to PHP
    • Variables, Constants, Operators, Data Types, Arrays, Functions, Loops
    • PHP Forms- Handling, Validation, Required fields, Url’s, Emails
    • Advance PHP- Session, Cookies, File Handleing, Filters, Error Handling, Exceptions
    • Database Connection- Create, Insert Data, Select, Update
    • Introduction to PHP XML
    • Introduction to PHP AJAX

Module 2 : MySQL Database

  • Introduction to MySQL Database
  • SQL Constrains- Primary key, Unique Key, Foreign Key
  • SQL Joins-Inner Join, Left Join, Full Join, Self Join, Right Join
  • Stored Procedures
  • MySQL Functions

Module 3 : Payment Gateway

  • Payment Gateway integration with Woo commerce

Module 4 : Word Press and CMS

  • Introduction To WordPress- Installation, Overview
  • WordPress Dashboard
  • WordPress Settings- General, Writing, Reading, Media, permalink, Plugin
  • Website Creation With WordPress

Module 5 : Debugging and Version Control with GIT

  • Repository
  • Branching & Merging
  • GIT workflows

Module 6 : Agile Project Management

  • Project Planning
  • Project management
  • Project reporting

Module 7 : Level 2 project

  • Implementation of end to end custom web application

Full Stack Web Developer

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What is Full Stack Web Developer Course? How it is Different From Other Institues?
Full Stack Developer requires you to master both front-end & back-end, and this course aims at providing you an in-depth knowledge of the entire Web Development practices.  Individual courses at Yasham focus on specialization in one or two specific skills, however if you intend to become a master in full stack web development, then this is the Best Course Suitable for you.
What are eligibility criteria for Full Stack Developer Course?
Any Graduate, Post-Graduate and any Students can apply for the course
What Certificates will I receive after completion of course? Will I receive Certificate for individual Course as well?
Yes, you will get certificate of completion for every course that is a part of the learning pathway, once you have successfully submitted the final assessment and it has been verified by our subject matter experts.
What Background Knowledge is Necessary?
You should have basic Computer Knowledge and basic HTML, CSS knowledge is preferred.
What will be I able to do after completing this Specialization?
You will be able to pursue career in Web Applications as you will be fully equipped in web technology

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