Tally Prime is a business management software, that takes care of your Accounting (Sales, purchase, receivables, payables tracking), Inventory management (Order processing, inventory tracking), Payroll management, Bank transactions, Statutory Compliance.


Module 1 : Accounting Fundamental
  • Accounting Terms, Accounting Assumptions, Concepts and Principles
  • Double Entry System of Accounting
  • Golden Rules
Module 2 : Maintaining Accounting in Tally Prime
  • How to Start Tally Prime And Create Company?
  • Enabling GST In Tally Prime
  • How to Alter a Company?
  • How to shut the Company?
  • Pre-Defined Groups In Tally
  • Create the Group
  • Alteration of Group
  • Deletion of Group
  • Creating the Ledger Account
  • Alteration of Ledger Account
  • Deletion of Ledger Account
  • Multiple Ledger Creation
  • Entering Party GST Details
  • Balance Shee


Module 3 : Accounting with Tally using Inventory
  • Creating Stock Group
  • Creating Stock Categories
  • Creating Units Measures
  • Creating Godown
  • Defining Tax Rate at Stock Item Level
  • Creating Stock Item
  • Entering Opening Stock Quantity & Amount
  • Tally Voucher (Accounting  & Inventory)
  • Creating New Voucher Type
  • Introduction To GST
  • Creating Tax Ledgers (CGST / SGST / IGST)
Module 4 : Accounting Vouchers In Tally
  • Intra-State Purchase (local Purchase)
  • Intra-State Sales (Local Sales)
  • Inventory Vouchers And Tracking Number(Receipt Note,  Delivery Note, Rejection in, Rejection Out, Stock Journal)
  • Bill-wise Details
  • Cast Centers
  • Cost Categories
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Order Processing
  • Pre-Closure Order
  • Batchwise Details
  • Price List
Module 5 : According of Bill of Materials
  • Bill of Materials
  • Activation of Bills Of Materials
  • Manufacturing Journals
Module 6 : Recording Zero Value Entries in Vouchers
  • Activating of Zero Value Entries
  • Ledge Creation
  • Recording Sales Transaction
Module 7 : Budget & Control
  • Activation of Budget & Control
  • Displaying Budgets
  • Recording Sales Transaction
Module 8 : Security Control
  •  Introduction
  • Creating New Security Levels
  • Create Users and Password for Data Entry Operator
Module 9 : Tally Audit, Backup & Restore
  • Static inner classes
  • Non-static inner classes
  • Local inner classes
  • Anonymous inner classes
Module 10 : Interest Calculations
  • Activating in Tally Prime
  • Displaying Outstanding Balance
  • Simple Interest
  • Compound Interest
  • Advance Parameters
  • Activation of Advance Parameter
  • Display the Advance Interest Parameter
Module 11 : Actual & Billed Quantity
  • Introduction
  • Activating in Tally Prime
  • Recording Purchase Transaction of Actual & Billed Quantity
  • Recording Sales Transaction of Actual & Billed Quantity
  • Displaying Stock Summery & Trail Balance
Module 12 : Multi Threading


  • Inter-State Purchase
  • Inter-State Sales
Module 13 : Tally to Excel, JPEG, PDF
  • Introduction
  • Exporting Balance Sheet to Excel
Module 14 : Cheque Printing
  • Activating in Tally Prime
  • Printing Cheques
  • Displaying Print Preview in Tally Prime


Module 15 : Printing In Simple & Optimise Format
  • Printing Sales Invoice
  • Configuring & Printing Sales Invoice in Optimise Format
  • Displaying Preview of Sales Invoice in Optimise Format
  • Configuring & Printing Sales Invoice in Simple Format
  • Displaying Preview of Sales Invoice in Simple Format
  • Logo Printing on Sales Invoice
Module 16 : Multiple Address
  • Activating Multiple Address
  • Ledger Multiple Address
  • Sales Voucher
  • Multiple Address Printing


Module 17 : Bill Settlement
Module 18 : E-mail in Tally Prime
Module 19: AWT, Applets and Swings
  • Introduction
  • Creating TDS Company
  • Enable TDS in Tally Prime
  • Creating Expenses Ledger, Party Ledge
  • TDS Ledger Creation
  • TDS Journal Entry
  • TDS Computation Report
  • TDS Outstanding Report
  • TDS Payment Report
  • TDS Challan Printing
  • TDS Report
  • TDS Challan Reconciliation
Module 20: Getting Started With GST (Services)
  • Creating New Service Company
  • Enabling GST for Services
  • Enabling Accounts Only Feature
  • Creating Tax Ledgers for Services
  • Intra – State Supply of Services
  • Intra – State Inward Supply (Local Purchase)
  • Generating GSTR-2 Report
  • Intra – State Outward Supply  (Local Sales)
  • Generating GSTR-1 Report
  • Intra – State Supply of Services
  • Intra – State Inward Supply of Service
  • Generating GSTR-2 Report
  • Inter – State Outward Supply of Service
  • Generating GSTR-1 Report
  • Generating GSTR-3B Repor


advance tally.erp

Check the course overview video. Enroll today to learn the advance and powerful features of TALLY.ERP


What is TallyPrime?

TallyPrime is a complete business management software for small and medium business. TallyPrime helps you manage accounting, inventory, banking, taxation, banking, payroll and much more to get rid of complexities, and in turn, focus on business growth.

How it is different from other institues?

We are Akola’s leading IT & Coding School. We are pioneer in providing the courses leading to successful career.

We provide overall TallyPrime Topics in one course, with project management which makes you self-sufficient for Project Planning, Execution, Communication management and Reporting.

What is eligibility criteria for TallyPrime Course?
Any Graduate, Post-Graduate and any Students can apply for the course
What Certificates will I receive after completion of course? OR Will I receive Certificate for individual Topics as well?
Yes, you will get certificate of completion for every course that is a part of the learning pathway, once you have successfully submitted the final assessment and it has been verified by our subject matter experts.
Is Tally license valid for a lifetime?

You can get a lifetime license when you buy a perpetual Silver or Gold license. Tally offers you solutions that will make your business more efficient. With timely updates and periodic product enhancements, you can use Tally for your business for a lifetime.

What will I able to do after completing this Specialization?

With increased security, easy discoverability of reports, seamless navigation within the product and anytime anywhere access to your reports, TallyPrime will give you and your business 10x advantage.

    Does this program has money-back guarantee?

    There is no money-back guarantee for this program. We will help you to get prepared for your dream job , 1:1 mock interview, and mentorship session along with the rigorous curriculum and capstone projects. This will ensure that you have the required skills to crack interviews and get your dream job. However, we do not guarantee you a job as well as we do not guarantee you any refund or money back in case of no placement

    What is the difference between tally ERP and tally Prime?

    TallyPrime is the latest version of business management software offered by Tally Solutions Pvt Ltd. Some of the biggest differences between Tally.ERP 9 and TallyPrime , Tally is designed to delight you.

    What are job opportunities for TallyPrime Professional?

    TallyPrime Professional with the right skill set is very much in demand. Check the current openings at.




    advance tally.erp

    Check the course overview video. Enroll today to learn the advance and powerful features of TALLY.ERP

    advance tally.erp

    Check the course overview video. Enroll today to learn the advance and powerful features of TALLY.ERP