Skill Vs. Job in the Era of Corona

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JOBS Vs Skills – Tips for kickstarting IT career in the time of Corona

Dear Friends,
I speak to lots of graduates as the part of IT academy and Software Development firm. I see lots of enthusiasm in the young graduates, they have lot of dreams in their eyes and want to start their career as soon as possible.

Before Corona itself there were bleak chances of the job opportunity. The competition for the job is very high and the selection standard by various employers is stringent. Employers has limited visibility of projects, revenues and looking for the engineers who can be productive very fast. Employers are able to find 2 to 3 year experienced graduates at very reasonable salary. Hence instead of employing graduates, they are willing to offer few thousands extra and go for 2 to 3 years experienced graduates. This results into shrinking job opportunity for freshers.

A large percentage of graduating students think that the degree is good enough for them to lend a job. There is absolute no focus on picking the skills or learning the tricks of the trade. A lot of students from the rural area also have poor communication skills.

Job as such are available in the metros (Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai etc.). However the companies at this location prefer graduates with concetre skills and communication. Moreover the local candidates has lot more exposure to business domain. They have more staying power and are willing to work for minimal stipend just to gain the expertise. An outstation candidate doesnt have staying power as he has to pay for high rental and other costs. One stretch for maximum of six months and then return to home town with lost hope and dejected feeling.

The plight, struggle and story of each candidate is more or less same. I keep hearing the same thing again and again. These graduates spend their efforts on lots of activities like trying for Govt Jobs, Banking Jobs, Post Graduate studies, local private companies, entreprenurship etc. They settle for sub-par jobs and keep struggling for next 5-7 years to get a decent break which never comes.

Key Suggestions to young graduates trying to find the job is follows

1.Select the Career Track/Area based on your area of interest (Web Development Track, Mobile App Development, Analytics/ML, Infrastructure Engineer/Cloud)
2.Perfect the technical skills in that area (Get down to nut and bolt of the area)
3.Create the portfolio project in that area (Execute project and that adds to your showcase)
4.Get softskills training – Working English
5.Get the internship in any company at any location – Even if it pays Rs. 0, go ahead and do the work. Dont wait for dream job, you are just wasting your time.
6.Join any startup in your area of selection – work there for minimum 2 years. Get experience.
7. Stay with startup if they provide you the growth opportunity (read money) else jump onto other companies who values your skills.

In the end your skills and execution capability counts. Do consciously prepare for the same.

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Best of Luck and Happy Job hunting.

Manas Mehta

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